Kpop Workout Songs 2016-2017

This update is SO OVERDUE. I've tried to keep most of the songs on this list from 2016-2017, but since my last Kpop Workout Playlist was from January 2015 (haha) there are some songs that came out in 2015 which really had staying/slaying power to me, so they're on the list. When I'm running, I generally want high tempo songs to motivate me and distract me from working out. With that in mind, here we go......

1). Winner "Really Really"
SLAY. I know it's not even summer but...Kpop song of the summer? This is such an earworm and really has a Western sound to me. If they released an English version, maybe it would do well...???

2). CL "Hello Bitches"
I was not on board with this release at first and NOW I LIVE FOR IT. If the intent was to make listeners reject the song at first then get on board for over two years then IT WORKED. 

3). KARD "Rumor"
KARD have been slaying my life since they debuted their first song a few months ago so I'm obviously biased. This is the "hidden" (dance) version, for Rumor. This dance version is much more visually pleasing on a laptop than their music video, which was designed to be viewed on (an LG) smartphone. Honestly their other two releases Don't Recall and Oh Nana are also on my workout playlist. But, as I said, I stan them so they only get one spot here.

4). BTS "Blood Sweat & Tears"
This song got me through the cold winter in the basement gym I went to in Jamsil. I still love it, although this video is kind of extra/makes me feel like a pedonoona.

5). AOA "Good Luck"
For more like this from AOA, try Heart Attack. The song will give you a heart attack, so please be advised. 

6). SISTAR "Shake It"
When I think of stand-out summer tracks, I always think of SISTAR. For the last 4 years (about to make it 5 years with news that they are making a comeback this summer) they've released singles in June: Loving you (2012), Give it to me (2013), Touch my Body (2014), Shake it, and I like that  (2016). I'm partial to Shake it and Loving you but Shake it is better for working out IMO.

7). Yoon Mirae "JamCome on Baby"
This song is mesmerizing to me. Love listening to this when running outside.

8). HyukOh "Wanli"
What a a powerhouse. It's in Chinese so I literally have NO IDEA what they are saying but it gets me so amped up...makes me want to not only run....but shoot a bow and arrow or something. AYE AYE AYE!! 

9). Far East Movement x Marshmello "Freal Luv" ft. Chanyeol & Tinashe
This qualifies as Kpop because of Chanyeol right?

10). Mino "몸 Body"
Sexy. Catchy as hell, still not sick of it.

Honorable Mention: 

MOBB "빨리 전화해 Hit Me" ft. Kush - energetic and good for working out

BLACKPINK Boombayah and Whistle obvious choices and strong releases for them, but just played-out IMO.

Jay Park"뻔하잖아 You Know"(ft. Okasian) Favorite Jay Park song that always slays IMO.

For LOLs: Ever wonder what happens when you search "Stay With Me EDM Remix" on YouTube? Goblin just got LIT.


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