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*UPDATED!* My Top 7 Favorite Korean Skincare Products

Pro Tip: Facemask-o'clock and Beer-o'clock should always coincide. The "I'm Sorry for my Skin" brand can be found at Love Health + Beauty (LOHB). Maybe it's a sign that I'm getting old but Facemask Happy Hour + Kdrama is becoming a favorite routine. Alcohol dehydrating you, facemask reviving you, alcohol making idiotic plots in Kdramas more bearable - it's really a great combination. I just finished  Another Oh Hae Young  which I actually enjoyed overall, but the female protagonist would whine and throw tantrums even beyond the acceptable Kdrama quota (which is already really high).  OKAY ANYWAY! Some of the skincare I stockpiled and mailed to America before I left Korea. Not pictured: my empty wallet  Living in Korea exposed me to amazing skincare and cosmetic products as well as the advantages of having a skin care routine. My favorite store is OliveYoung  which I described in a previous post as " sort-of what you would get if you