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You can take the girl out of Korea...but she's still gonna bow to the ATM?

Perhaps the most famous street in Korea, Sejong-ro with Gyeongbokgyung Palace in the background.  Wow - the only photo of my time in Korea where I'm not throwing up the V sign. Some habits I've internalized after living in Korea: I like to sit on the floor (nothing beats sitting on the floor with a blanket and 온돌/ondol floor heating in the winter in Korea ooooooh it's so good I've even fallen asleep). The chopstick habit. Soup? Noodles? Meat? Birthday cake? Chopsticks. I cover my face when I laugh. I bow to everyone (hostesses, cashiers, extended family, ATMs...nothing is safe). Conversing via Kakao emojis (who needs words?). How long before these habits erode away in a different cultural environment? It makes me sad to think the day will come where I don't bow to the ATM.* >.< My observations about American life feel refreshed since I've been living outside this culture for so long. Here are a few things I've noticed since being back