5 Days in Tokyo

When I landed in Tokyo I was totally burned-out. I had just finished my teaching contract in Korea less than 48 hours prior and was also trying to pack up for my trip back to America. I'd love to return to Japan and explore other cities: Osaka and Kyoto particularly. I'd also love to visit Taiji, (the tiny town made infamous for their dolphin slaughter) to document the annual dolphin drive.

Alas, in April 2014, I had only 5 days in Tokyo, at the Sakura Fleur Aoyama which I discussed in the previous entry.

So, what do you do when you're exhausted and alone in Tokyo?

Highlights of 5 Days in Tokyo, in pictures:

Harajuku: a crowded tweeny cotton-candy wonderland. This storefront was the site of that heinous Avril Lavigne video ::puke:: Why do I even know that?

Harajuku Takeshita-dori street lolz nice name.

Wandered into this side-street containing tiny, run-down bars near Shibuya. 
(* This is not the famous Golden Gai, but a similar area taking up ~2 blocks)

Beautiful, peaceful oasis in the city: Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine

Toni & Guy Harajuku: The best haircut I've ever had. Treated like royalty.
(Ask for Hikaru. He was the best!)

From an arcade in Shinjuku.

My favorite part of the trip: people-watching in Ueno Park:
Beautiful day in Ueno Park

Day-drinking & sunshine in Ueno Park. Really reminded me of Yeouido Park in Seoul.

Cute Merry-Go-Round in Ueno Park

Ichiran Ramen: A unique dining experience. I was recommended this place by a friend, and it did not disappoint. Look at the website for more information, as the payment process is a little unorthodox. 
Extra garlic and side of seaweed please! DELICIOUS.

Pick your tiny dining compartment and a chef will take your (already printed) order from behind a red curtain. After that, it's just you and the ramen.
I went at 11 AM after reading about incredible lines during meal hours, there were only a few other diners at that time.

This is the sign and entrance to the Shibuya Ichiran, in the basement.
During meal times you may see lines out the door and onto the street.

Areas of Honorable Mention in Tokyo: Omontesando, Ahakibara,

Perk: Eating alone in Tokyo isn't culturally taboo, unlike in Korea! Solo travelers rejoice!

This belated post isn't incredibly comprehensive, just some highlights that I enjoyed. I felt very safe in Tokyo as a solo female traveler, and I am looking forward to returning again.


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