My introduction to K-Pop

It took a few months, but I finally feel like I get it : I am fangirling all over my apartment watching and listening to K-Pop music.

The combination of catchy choruses, beautiful people, and music videos with memorable dances is what allows K-Pop to appeal to fans with no Korean language skills. Additionally I find that in Korea these performers are so accessible to their fans - much more so than American pop artists (*with the exception of Lady Gaga). The over-exposure of K-Pop idols in Korean media creates a feeling of intimacy with the fans that I haven't seen replicated in American pop culture.

(*) I think Lady Gaga acts most like a K-Pop artist...she is A. obsessed with recreating her image and B. was the first American artist to release singles at a more rapid pace similar to the way in which K-Pop artists release their songs in "Mini-Albums".

There is no K-Pop equivalent of Lindsay Lohan. This is probably due to the manufactured nature of K-Pop and the realistic possibility that idols can be removed and replaced from their groups (by their record label) as soon as their image has been scandalized.

I'm only beginning to understand K-Pop and I hope I can write with a better understanding in the coming months. For now I will continue watching and dancing in my apartment.


  1. Hi, i'll be in tokyo this april. I was wondering if you know if this hotel has a room for 3. I have been searching but so far all i see is the same room as the one on your blog.

    1. Hi Paulina, I am not sure if the hotel (Sakura Fleur Aoyama) has rooms specifically for larger parties of 3 or more. You can try reading their TripAdvisor page here: because the information is updated more frequently by recent guests. Or, try emailing the hotel. When I stayed there alone I think it was a double bed, not really big enough for 3 people. Thanks for commenting and sorry I was not more helpful. Have a great time in Tokyo!

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